The 2018 Summer Camp consist of a 3 day intensive with two options to choose from:

The Da Vinci Initiative and Carol Long Pottery

1.  The Da Vinci Initiative:  Drawing Skills for Contemporary Curricula

(normally an $800 class, available to KAEA members for only $250.)

Do you want to improve your own representational drawing skills and learn new methods for teaching them? Participants will discover technical drawing skills through a series of projects, including working from a 19th century drawing course and still life subjects. Participants will then discover how to merge these technical drawing skills into their current curricula. Lesson plans that feature atelier skills will accompany the instructor demonstrations and hands-on portion of the class.
All materials provided.

To learn more about the Da Vinci Initiative check out:
The Da VInci Initiative

2. Form and Surface with Carol Long  

(Normally a $350 class, available to KAEA members for only $250.)

This workshop will be geared toward advanced manipulation of form, design, and surface 
decoration through slip trailing.  The emphasis of this workshop is to use the vessel as a 
starting point for creation, not as a finished product.  This workshop will include rolling slabs, 
cutting silhouettes and bases out of slabs, assembling forms, handbuilding and altering 
demonstrations, altering and manipulation of wheel thrown forms, pulling and attaching 
handles, and slip trail decoration.
All materials will be provided and each participant will receive a needle point slip trail bottle.

To learn more about Carol Long and her career as a ceramic artist check out:

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